3 Tips to Find the Best Insurance Niche as an Independent Agent

It’s exciting to start your own venture into the world of insurance. There are a lot of benefits of working in this industry, and there are many challenges. For some, the greatest challenge is simply knowing where to start. If you choose the path of having an agency niche, how do you go about finding…

The Joint Commission Suspends Top Performer Program – Here’s Why

Hospitals may be a little confused by the Joint Commission’s recent decision to suspend its Top Performer award program after only five years. In an interview with Modern Healthcare, Dr. Mark Chassin, CEO of the Joint Commission (JC), discussed the reasons behind it. The interview revealed some thoughtful and interesting reasons behind the move. Electronic…

Does your Brand Hold Hands with your Audience?

What happens when you put your brand in the hands of your target market? Is a buying decision any different when the consumer can touch your product versus simply seeing it online? It would make sense that it is. What about your marketing efforts? Does the ability to touch something with your brand on it…

Tackling the Problems that Inhibit Student Participation Part 2

Engage your students more by identifying the key obstacles to classroom participation and how to get around them. The second half of the school year can be a tricky one. The closer summer break gets, the less engaged are the students. Helping students participate in class helps them stay present and focused on the material….

Tackling the Problems that Inhibit Student Participation Part 1

Getting your students to participate doesn’t need to feel like pulling teeth. Here are the first 2 of 4 common problems and how to address them. As the holiday season winds down, teachers and students prepare to return to school after winter break. It’s always nice to return from vacation with fresh minds and motivation….